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Ever wanted that awesome photo where you’re serving the winning shot at Wimbledon? Or lifting the world cup amidst a huge crowd? Or even running away from a monster?

Well, guess what? We can make it happen.

Tell us where and we’ll bring our green screen to you. You can have an under-the-sea shot. Or a rock concert with blow up guitars and blue wigs. Rocking it out in style!

How about a skydiving shoot? Or even a photo with a unicorn. The ideas are churning in your head now, aren’t they?

With our skilled photographers, and a boxful of props, the experience will leave a good memory in the minds of everyone.

Our trusted editing staff won’t take long at all to put all the CGI effects into place so it’s all ready to take home there and then.

We couldn’t make it any simpler.

Give everyone a green screen moment to make your event stand out.

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